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  1. After you’ve emptied your cup, place it in the menstrual cup sterilizer case stem-down
  2. Fill the menstrual cup sterilizer with potable water
  3. Drop in a Courtesy Cups cleansing foaming tablet
  4. Use your spare cup while you wait (6 hours)
  5. Reinsert, no need to rinse (the case converts the solution to water and oxygen, so it’s harmless to you and to the environment)


So you want to know how to clean a menstrual cup. Cleaning generally involves the removal of visible dirt and debris, usually by detergents. But the problem is that these soaps, cleansers, or detergents typically do not kill microorganisms. To kill microorganisms (including those associated with vaginal infections), you will need to use one of the following methods:

1. Boiling

2. Isopropyl Alcohol (70-90%)

3. The Courtesy Cups Cleaning Kit

Traditionally, cups are cleaned by boiling. While boiling will sterilize the cup, this method isn’t discrete or portable. And sometimes, it’s simply not accessible. If you opt to boil, you may wonder how long to boil a menstrual cup. Most microorganisms (99.99%) are killed in less than one (1) minute when heated to a rolling boil.

Using the Courtesy Cups Cleaning Kit:

1. Place your cup inside and fill with water

2. Drop in a cleaning-foaming tablet

3. Use your spare cup while you wait (6 hours)

4. Reinsert; no need to rinse

Alcohol wipes are also an option but create a lot of trash since they’re single-use.

While boiling or alcohol will sterilize menstrual cups, they will not remove stains. Courtesy Cups Cleaning Kit is effective at stain removal, so your cup will stay looking almost as good as new.