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Our Story

Courtesy Cups not only invented the first portable menstrual cup sanitizer, but we’re committed to Changing the Cycle of period poverty through education and advocacy.

Transforming Communities

Two menstrual cups on a wooden surface.
Hands holding a paper cut out of a uterus diagram.

Educating Teens

Affecting Policy

Women speaking at a National Women's Health Convention on menstrual hygiene management policy.

The Journey

In 2015, Courtesy Cups founder, Savannah Daniels, joined the US Army. She was a truck driver in the National Guard and spent weeks at a time in the field sleeping outside with little access to toilets, electricity, and running water. She needed a solution for my period, something discreet that could be sterilized on the go. 

The menstrual hygiene industry has seen little to no innovations in the last 80 years. Although 30 million women opt for cups, there's still a lack of portable sterilizing solutions available in the market. So she created a sterilizer that uses only room temperature water.