Changing the Cycle

Clean. Convenient. Period.

Discover menstrual support you can believe in. Check out our portable menstrual cup cleaning kit – no electricity, no batteries, no boiling required!
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Cleaning your menstrual cup on the go is a hassle:

  • Wiping your cup out with toilet paper
  • Rinsing it with drinking water
  • Or just reinserting it dirty

Discover an innovative, portable menstrual cup cleaning kit

You don’t have to deal with the mess. You don’t have to publicly display your dirty cup. And you definitely don’t have to deal with FOMO!

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You should be doing more of what you love, and cleaning your cup shouldn’t slow you down.

Everyone deserves a clean and easy period – with no strings attached.

Clean-up is easy:

  1. Place your cup inside and fill with water
  2. Drop in a cleaning-foaming tablet
  3. Use your spare cup while you wait (6 hours)
  4. Reinsert, no need to rinse

As an Army Officer, I spent weeks at a time in the backcountry without access to toilets, water, or electricity. I decided we needed a better way to clean menstrual cups, and Courtesy Cups was born.